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The Perception of A Longer Penis

In some men, the penis can “appear” smaller because the skin on the bottom (ventral) side of the penis is excessive or connects too high along the shaft of the penis. This creates a penile-scrotal web and creates the illusion of a smaller penis because the scrotal skin encroaches high along the penile shaft. In some cases, this can happen following a circumcision if the scrotal skin is advanced too far up along the penile shaft. In other cases, it may simply occur as a result of the way the tissues developed and came together naturally.

Fortunately, a simple and safe cosmetic procedure called a ventral phalloplasty can remove the redundant skin and reduce the impact of the penile-scrotal web, resulting in a penis that appears longer.

It is essentially a surgery only involving the penile skin - therefore there is no need for tissue grafts, implants or foreign material that can be associates with significant complications and risk. Moreover, tailoring the skin of the penis has not been associated with a negative impact on the quality of erections or penile sensation to any significant degree. The surgery takes about 45 minutes and can be performed under general or local anesthesia. The procedure is considered day surgery – so all patients go home the same day.

The following photo illustrates a classic penile scrotal web. The markings outline the excessive webbing of the tissue that encroaches high up along the penile shaft. Following removal of the webbed skin, the penile shaft will appear longer - by the approximate length of line A.
penile web

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